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Thorium Bob and the Powercut

Mr W and I went to see Professor Bob Cywinski talk about Thorium last night.

It was a great lecture, although i must admit that nuclear fission isn’t really my strong point and i got a bit lost with all the uranium 2somethings. There was also a big whoosh as the whole concept of proton generation flew over my head. I didn’t even do O level Physics, more a History and English type of girl. But the basic argument he gave – that nuclear fuel has to be one of the sources of power going forward, and that Thorium is relatively easy to control, safe, efficient and produces little waste – made a lot of sense.

The talk was held at Cafe Scientifique at Dean Clough, a wonderful converted mill building in the centre of Halifax (well done Sir Ernest Hall: Dean Clough AND a complete works of Chopin). We enjoyed The Cooking School two course meal as well.

The last Cafe Scientifique was on Birds. The next one is about the difference between the male and female brain. Good stuff. And Vic Allen is a scream.


The really great thing is that all the lights went out at the beginning of the q&a session. Power cut in North Halifax.

It’s great talking about the future of energy in candlelight.

Really brings the problem home.


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