Meet Charlotte, Emily and Anne

Such a busy week last week, for all the right reasons! More to blog about later. But a highlight was definitely the arrivals of our new girls:


This is Charlotte, Emily and Anne, at home in their new run in Roger Field behind the vegetable garden. They spent their first 24 hours getting used to the house while Mr W dug in the run. Then yesterday they got to go out. We’ll start letting them have a wander around the field and copse next week.

We were both working in the garden yesterday and it was great listening to them clucking and scratching away. The cats were largely uninterested, although Heathcliffe liked the run for a bit of climbing practice. Millie stalked them for a while, but suspect that when they’re outside she’ll be less keen because they’re bigger than she is.

And the best thing:


I was a bit giddy collecting the first eggs and Miss M was shaking her head wearily and muttering about adults being weird in that i’m-more-mature-than-you-and-i’m-sixteen way teenagers have. But I had boiled eggs and soldiers for my breakfast yesterday and it was fab!


Daffodils make me happy

Usually we’d be gardening today. Not planting much yet because we’re still in danger of frosts here until May. But the potatoes can go in, digging can be done, fertiliser spread. This year there is still snow, and the ground is frozen. But at least the outhouses are getting a good clear-out!
And the spring flowers in the house make everywhere look really jolly.