Singing on the Motorway


I work part-time over in the city 20 miles away. I love my job when I feel I’m achieving something, Getting Stuff Done. Yesterday was not a loving-the-job day. It was frustrating and full of people moaning about how much they’re not paid. Dealing with emails like that all day does not give you the best feelings about your fellow man. Or woman.

So I left the office just after 7 having sat at my desk for 10 hours, completely whacked-out and dreading the drive home.

But then – novelty. The clocks only changed at the weekend, so the fact that it was still light was a surprise. And not just light, but a beautiful soft violet light. The sky was perfectly clear and the birds were singing. It felt like winter was finally going.

Even the motorway was beautiful. I was driving towards the hills and the setting sun, with a huge bank of blue cloud softening the pylons. Work finished for the week. The traffic was moving, and the satnav said I would be home in 25mins. Back to this place full of things that I love.

So I started singing.

I couldn’t take a photo because that would have been bad. So the above is a fave picture of sunset taken by Mr W instead. Rather more beautiful than the Leeds-Bradford conurbation but you get the gist.

But I was singing, at the top of my voice, on the motorway. In the middle of the ubiquitous roadworks on the M62. So it wasn’t even a speed-queen moment.

Guess this is what being in love in the Spring does to you.